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Information Security - Learning Resources

These resources, presentations, blogs, and training have been instrumental in my journey to continually become a better security practitioner - @aaronzollman. If you or your content has been mentioned in this resource list, thank you for being awesome and to the invaluable contributions you have made to advance the industry! Additionally, I have had a handful of mentors not mentioned directly in here who have taken a chance on me through investment of your time, knowledge, and wisdom. I am forever grateful!

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Some of my favorite presentations

Application/Software Security Resources

Cloud Security Resources

Additionally, there are a handful of talks, tools, and blogs that I continually revisit for ongoing learning.

Additional cloud experts to follow:

Standards, Baselines, and Controls


Data Science and Analytics

Security Architecture

Detect/Respond/Forensics/Reverse Engineering/Mobile


General Security Topics and News

Certified Information Systems Security Practitioner (CISSP) - ISC2 - @ISC2
SANS Certifications and Training - @SANSInstitute

Social Media

Social media is an important role in real-time news and direct collaboration. I have included the Twitter accounts for the previously mentioned resources and recommend following all of them.